Free Music Friday: The Banging, Throbbing, Painted Edition

by oddbodkins on August 12, 2011

It’s a light week, but we’ve got some real bangers, so you’ll live.

The Adult Swim summer singles program can be hit or miss, but this week is about a dead center hit as it’s going to get.  New El-P which may or may not be from his long heralded “upcoming” release.  Paranoid beats, hard rhyming, thumping percussion, explosive guitars…it’ll grab you by the boo boo, that’s for sure.

mp3: drones of BRKLYN (censored mix) (El-P from the Adult Swim Summer Singles)

i’ve long been a major fan of Nocando and, to a lesser extent, Busdriver, so when the two are going to go all Voltron and from Flash Bang Grenade, i’m going to listen.  Throw in a guest spot by Open Eagle Mike, and, well, it’s a done deal.  As expected, the lyrical dexterity on display is going to make your brain, tongue and Thesaurus hurt, but, man, it hurts so good.

mp3: In a Perfect World (ft. Open Eagle Mike) (Flash Bang Grenade from 10 Haters)

And while i’m not sure if Bob Ross and Waka Floka are two great tastes that go together, i couldn’t keep this one to myself.  i mean, they both have a thing for trees, so who am i to judge?

Waka Flocka ‘Hard In Da Paint’ (Bob Ross vs Dubstep vs Jordan Laws) from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.


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wow cool cool and COOL


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