Free Music Friday: The Buggy, Pretendy, Untranslated, Buttery, Watery, Shiny, Nucleary, Lizzie Edition

Good Lord and Butter, my inbox runneth over with freebies this week. i think Amie Street is trying to pick me up or something with all the goodies they’ve sent my way. Don’t tell them, but i’m really a lot easier than that. Just ask The Missus.

Whether it was by fluke or happenstance, we’ve got a veritable shitload of electronic instrumental stuff this week. Even when i actually went to raves in the early 90s, i never was much good at identifying one sub-genre from the next, but i do know what i like, and i do know what is jamming, so i have a feeling you’ll dig this week’s stuff, too. We’ve got a bit of ye olde wonky dubstub, a scooch of afrobeat and a bunch of 80s synthy creamy goodness.

One of my favorite DJ/producers, Flying Lotus, has a new CD about to hit on April 20th. Called Cosmogramma, if first single “Quakes” is any indication, the knob twiddler has done it yet again. Seriously, this is one of the top three CDs i’m looking forward to this year. Sure, i can’t remember much more than three upcoming CD release dates at any given time, but that’s not the point. This one is going to be dope, kiddies.

mp3: Quakes (Flying Lotus from Cosmogramma)

Maintaining the hip hop vibe, Kidz in the Hall just dropped Land of Make Believe and want you to get all hot and horny for it by sharing “Simple Life” with all of us today. Now, i’m somewhat ambivalent towards the whole backpack scene. Some acts are money, some are yawners. Lyrically speaking, these kids are at the top of the pack. Aforementioned lyrical skills abound on this track.

mp3: Simple Life (Kidz in the Hall ft. Amanda Diva from Land of Make Believe)

Combining my love of furry costumes and all things Scandinavian, Norwegian up and comers Casiokids’ new Topp stemning på lokal bar hits shelves on March 16. Eschewing the gloom and grime for a grittier dance floor beat, these cats make my head nod with their latest single, “Fot I Hose.” Ass shaking can’t be too far behind that. And their cover album art has a grown folk dressed in a bunny outfit. While i can’t necessarily condone dry humping in furry costumes, i certainly encourage said outfits as appropriate weekend, around town wear. And no, i can’t translate any of that stuff, either. i’m completely guessing it has something to do with steamroller tokes at Dutch coffee shops, but that could be the music talking

Conceivably my favorite new band name, Hudson Mohawke brings more of that foreign electro-instrumental funk to our shores today. Not only is “Rising 5” a bit of Aphex Twinsly, burbling confunksion, but homeboy’s website is a kickass 80s-style Journey video game knock-off, wherein you’re a slab of butter (incidentally the title of his new CD) trying to float your way upwards. If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, then you, sir or madam, are a greedy ass. The fact that the music is splendiferous is just gravy.

mp3: Rising 5 (Hudson Mohawke from Butter)

Just to confuse things, Nice Nice bridges the gap on their upcoming Extra Wow (April 6), providing a predominantly instrumental track with “See Waves.” Vocals do finally appear, but this is a crock pot of jangly guitars, throbbing drums and wobbly plunking. Not recommended for those who would prefer to wall flower this evening. Tribal roots are likely to get you to remove articles of clothing and dance around an outdoor bonfire with people of questionable moral upbringing. Consider yourself forewarned.

mp3: See Waves (Nice Nice from Extra Wow)

LET favorite Alan Wilkis brings us this week’s sole remix, his excellent take on RJD2’s “The Shining Path.” ADub needs to slow things down a bit. If he keeps hitting us up with all these excellent tracks in 2010, he’s going to give Madlib a run for his money for the title of Most Voluminous Beatmaker of the Year. Seriously, guys, get yourself some sleep sometime. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

mp3: The Shining Path (RJD2 Remix by Alan Wilkis)

Not wanting to be left out of this fine company, i’m sure, Radioactive Man nee Keith Tenniswood has a free EP to promote his upcoming Pretty Ugly, including a track from his previous Growl and the title track from the newbie. The man’s Chernobyl-like touch on the board is unmistakably good, but why take my word for it? i mean, other than me being the Lord Bellwether of All Things Cool and Funkable?

mp3: Growl (Radioactive Man from Growl)

mp3: Pretty Ugly (demo version) (Radioactive Man from Pretty Ugly)

To close out this weekly edition, Fair Ohs want you to hear “Hey Lizzie.” And i think you should, too, because Lizzie is a fun name, bound to inspire an equally enjoyable track. Hell, the couple of Lizzies i have known have been hellfire fun good times. Mission accomplished, kids.

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