Free Music Friday: The Elephantine, Gone, Upbeat, Scorching, Significant Other, Euro, Bright, Denim, Jem Version

It would appear that damn near every other blog out there (and a lot of bands, magazines, radio stations, sex clubs, etc.) is putting out some sort of 4th of July Mix, so i guess i better getting hopping on working one up for LET. In the interim, i guess you’ll just have to make due with a bunch of free mp3s sans a theme.

First up, a track from the Bleep X Sonar 2010 sampler. They posted a bunch of tracks from bands playing some Euro fest i’ve never heard of, but am jealous that i’m not attending all the same. Broadcast is included in that mix, and i’ve dug them for a while. To use the vernacular, i’d categorize this as some laid back chillwave, but that’s just because i want LET to start showing up when people Google “chillwave.” A blog cannot live on being a top Google result for “Jilling Off” alone, folks.

You know i’m a sucker for beat producers, electronic music seducers and DJ droopers (fuck you, i needed a rhyme), and the cat from NickNack obviously realized the same when they sent us their latest. This cat has skills, establishing a funky, spooky vibe while intermittently cutting it up. i say go for it.

mp3: Strangest Secret (NickNack from Dearly Departed)

For those bummed out by the Eels’ last CD, it sounds like the last in his self-described trilogy, Tomorrow Morning (along with End Times and Hombre Lobo), appears to be a step in the uplifting direction. First single “Looking Up” has a church gospel feel, and the title kind of sums up the sentiment. For a guy’s who previously wrote one of the most cheerful song ever about hating people (I’m looking at you, “I Like Birds”), this one definitely should give pause to those who have complained that Mr. E has been a bit too morose of late. A man with a beard of that magnitude, however, never should be doubted.

mp3: Looking Up (Eels from Tomorrow Morning)

The folks at Aquarium Drunkard just dropped their second annual LA artist mix. The conceit is for local LA artists to cover a famous album of the past. Last year, it was Paul McCartney’s RAM, this year it’s Television’s sophomore LP, Adventure. Truth be told, i can do without most of the tracks here, but the Imaad Wasif/Lykke Li take on “The Fire” is an absolute beast, some of Wasif’s best axe work on wax, as far as i’m concerned. Li really is just a back-up voice on this one, but who doesn’t love Lykke Li? Nobody. Not even your grandfather. And if you say otherwise, well, we’re going to have words, buddy.

In an apparent effort to take the title of reigning queen of the revitalized beach girl rock sound, Best Coast has dropped another single from their soon-to-drop Crazy for You. And you know what? That crown is hers, as far as i’m concerned. While not quite as devilishly addictive as “When I’m With You,” it’s a damn fine follow-up, nonetheless.

mp3: Boyfriend (Best Coast from Crazy for You)

Swedish popsters Sambassadeur just dropped the latest single from their third LP, European. Another dreamy, blissful track from our neighbors to the Northeast-ish. Damnation, i lurvs me some Scandinavians. Here’s another reason why.

mp3: I Can Try (Sambassadeur from European)

It’s funny, i’ve never been much of a Black Moth Super Rainbow fan, but the latest solo efforts from Tobacco and now Dreamend are two of my fave CDs this year. Whereas Tobacco’s latest is kind of in-your-face, Dreamend’s debut clearly is the more laid back of the two. If you’re a fan of Megafaun, you’re going to dig this.

Taking notes from sometime bandmate Jack White, Alison Mosshart is back at it with Jamie “Hotel” Hince and the Kills. They just did a Levi’s Pioneer Session (No shit, Chet. No shit) and dropped this stellar cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes.” It’s a good ‘un, that’s fo’ sho’.

And to close things out, the second single from Fol Chen’s Part II: The New December. i can’t quite put my finger on why, but i’m digging these cats more and more with each new track i hear. This one does nothing to change that sentiment.

Now go get your holiday weekend started, assuming you’re living Stateside. And be careful with those fireworks. No reason for anyone to go shooting their eye out or anything drastic like that.
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