Free Music Friday: The Getting Ready to Go Out to See the LET Concert Edition

i assume that you, like me, are busy getting ready for LET’s first concert tonight, so let’s keep this one short and sweet. Meg and i will see you there later tonight.

Thankfully with increased frequency, we’ve been getting some pretty stellar beats of late. Unfortunately, some of these come with little to no info on the artist him/herself, so i’m afraid i can’t tell you much about B-Ju other than he tears the shit up on this thumper.

If you’re like me, and you know you wish you were, you dig 80s R&B chick groups. Clearly taking inspiration from the likes of Vanity 6 and the Mary Jane Girls, Margo puts her stamp on the sound with a couple of singles here for your listening pleasure. Produced by Jaakko and Nikko, updated with a 2010 electro vibe, here’s her take on the Missing Persons classic. Plus, girlfriend looks damn fine with teased out hair in a skintight jumpsuit. Ah, the 80s…

And now, a two-fer from one of the best in the beat game, the one and only Flying Lotus. Firstly, check out the wonderfully named My Dry Wet Mess remix of Flying Lotus’ “PieFace.” And if that’s not enough, the flying flower also takes production duties on the latest leak from Blu. Oh yeah, that latter track also has some U-God in there, just for good measure.

mp3: KeepItGoing (ft. U-God) (Blu leaked from still no release date No York)

Did you vote earlier this week? If you’re from Cali, and you did NOT, i’m holding you personally responsible for Prop 19 failing. Ass hat. Anyway, to encourage you to get to the polls, Fort Knox Five dropped this Beatles remix. Hmm, maybe it’s my fault for not sharing this earlier. Whatevs.

Want a spacey track that goes from Halloween eerie to 80s synth crazy at the drop of a hat? Well, check out the latest from Keep Shelly in Athens then.

And to send you on your merry way before you head out the door to our show, here’s the latest leak from the Bomb Zombies concerning, well, hair, which, as a bald dude, perplexes me, but what can you do? i would have posted anything by Nocando or Nobody, so when the two teamed up, well, i think i got a stiffy. The cover art didn’t hurt, either.

mp3: Bangs (Bomb Zombies from Sincerely Yours)
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