Free Music Friday: The Monday Edition

By now, you clearly all know that EVERY day is free music day here, but Free Music Friday traditionally is the one day of the week that focuses on something other than just beat music.  Since we had other things to discuss last Friday, and i was still in shock from the latest Tak Sakaguchi trailer, we didn’t get around to your free grab bag of indie goodies.  Let’s fix that now, shall we?

White Denim dropped another track from their upcoming D.  It’s no secret they’re one of my favorite rock bands today, and i have to say, from the two tracks i’ve heard thus far, it sounds like they’re still stepping up their game.  WD’s sound is a tornado of cascading drums and impressive guitars, with vocals that swirl above like the wicked witch on a broom. 

mp3: Anvil Everything (White Denim from D)

When the Chief Technology Officer’s favorite boy crush covers her favorite girl crush, well, we take notice.  It’s not altogether accurate to say that John Legend gives Adele’s“Rolling in the Deep” the R&B treatment (as it was an incredible R&B track in the first place), but he certainly puts his stamp on things nonetheless, with a bit more of an a capella slant.

mp3: Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover) (John Legend from his Home Page)

For those of you NOT in the know, you hopefully were hipped to the magic of Dennis Coffey last week with that incredible House Shoes mix.  Now here’s another taste of his upcoming self-titled album, this time with the vocal talents of Mayer Hawthorne, giving the guitar master a touch of the current.  Too nice.

mp3: All Your Goodies Are Gone (ft. Mayer Hawthorne) (Dennis Coffey from Dennis Coffey)

Sure, everybody loves the Moldy Peaches, but are you giving that same affection to Kimya Dawson?  In addition to being the female half of that duo, she has a stellar body of solo work, including children’s songs about farting animals.  Her latest is due later this year, but she’s decided to share this track, which also appears to have inspired one helluva tat.  Oh yeah, and that’s none other than Aesop Rock tackling MC duties towards the very end.

mp3: Walk Like Thunder (ft. Aesop Rock) (Kimya Dawson from Thunder Thighs)

And last, but most certainly not least, dear friend and uber-composer Alan Wilkis just sent us his latest remixing effort, so be sure to try on his take of Fenech-Soler’s “Demons.” 

mp3: Demons (Alan Wilkis Remix) (Fenech-Soler from Alan Wilkis’ Sound Cloud)

Normally, this is the part where i’d send you on your merry way for the weekend, but i guess we’re going to have to wait a few more days this time around.  In the interim, do drugs.  It always works for me.

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