Free Music Friday: The Mostly European, Slightly Cali, Beaty, Trippy, Madly, C-levely, Wrestely, Soupy Edition

While the larger distributors have seemingly forsaken LET of late, it turned out to be a very excellent week for ye olde inbox, bringing us hidden gems from small labels and artists themselves. So suck it, larger distributors. You know who you are.

From the kick ass folks at what is quickly becoming my favorite label, Project: Mooncircle, we’ve got this gem from The Q4, a collaboration of three young Dutch producers: Arts the Beatdoctor, Sense and STW. On their latest EP, Darker Days, they paint a sound collage of dusty crates, impeccable timing and some damn fine turntable work here and there to flesh things out. These cats from Western Europe are really starting to come into their own. While most eyes are focused on the dubstep movement in both England and L.A., there is an ever increasing number of beat producers making tripped out, stoney tracks that could go head-to-head with anything from the Brainfeeder camp (well, maybe). You may recall i recently came close to creaming my jeans over the latest from Robot Koch, a fellow lablemate, and felt similarly about the cats over at Switchstance Recordings, too.

mp3: Lose Control (The Q4 from Darker Days)

In a similar, trippy, ambient way, Leigh Hannah, the force behind The Townhouses, sent me a couple of ethereal tracks that will blow wind up your skirt, i kid you not. Seriously, why the hell can’t i find ANYONE to teach me production skills half as good as this cat? Keeping with the around the world theme, the “band” hails from Australia. Leigh, on a personal note, sorry for calling you “girl” in that email. The Missus’ middle name is Leigh, so i kind of assumed. There is no doubt whatsoever, however, that these chill electro-orchestral tunes flipped my wig. i completely consider this LET scooping Gorilla vs. Bear, by the by.

mp3: Asleep (The Townhouses from Asleep Single)

For those who prefer some vocals with their electronica, may i introduce Mad Planet. While the comparisons to Portishead are somewhat obvious, i’m thinking about calling the L.A. duo “emo-hop.” Firstly, because i love to name genres. Secondly, i was reading the latest vampire comedy by Christopher Moore while i was listening to the band, so the whole goth/emo thing was kind of on my brain already. Extra mad props to MC Greg Gordon for having the best Michael Jackson circa “Off the Wall” afro i’ve seen in a long, long time. Back to their music-it’s a nice blend of ambient electronica, hip hop and haunting vocals. Which is nice.

mp3: I Live Alone (Mad Planet from All Elephants)

jj, apparently thinking Madlib’s production schedule is a pre-requisite for today’s hungry artist, have dropped yet another free single over at Sincerely Yours. Aren’t they touring the US right now? No rest for the wicked, or so i hear. It’s more of the same–brilliant, gauzy, hazy, and a bunch of similar, other adjectives.

Straight outta Budapest, we’ve also got the latest offering from the Erik Sumo Band. This 7-piece pysch-pop band is, quite simply, a fun listen. The crunchy guitar, fuzzy synths and pounding drum line, combined with the unique vocals of lead singer Tövisházi Ambrus, make for one potent stew. As this single from their second album goes to show, they’ve definitely figured out how to get toes tapping. And this is terrible of me, i know, but i’m amused by the marginally broken English. Of course, i don’t speak a word of Hungarian, so who am i to judge? Well, i’m Terrible Chris, which pretty much sums it up, no?

mp3: You Never Been My Friend (Erik Sumo Band from The Trouble Soup)

To end on a completely different note, we recently received a note from psychedelic rockers Soup. And you know how i feel about that, right? We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about. Referencing “How to Get Your Band’s CD Reviewed by Damn Near Any Music Website,” they were a near lock to get a shout-out here, assuming the music was any good. Fortunately, it is. Had they sent nude photos of ex-girlfriends, i might even have invited them over for dinner. Well, they didn’t, but what can you do? If you’re into 60s, jam band tune-age a la the Grateful Dead, Black Crowes, and even a touch of Blind Melon, you’ll get into this groove.

And i’m out, sucka fish.
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