Free Music Friday–The Musically Violent, Local, Profane Edition

Whilst the Bossman drags his heels reviewing a proposal i’m trying to get out the door, let’s waste some time on a Free Music Friday, hmm, shall we?

The Glitch Mob’s new We Can Make The World Stop drops July 12th, which means we have a single.  To quote a bard, this one is full of ridiculous bass and aggravating treble.  The high end strings play nicely off the soupy, sludgy low end synths.

DC’s own See-I makes their debut on Fort Knox Recordings with a tasty amalgam of funk, rock, roots and soul.  Sampler single “Homegrown 2011”  is a nice combo of reggae, hip hop and rock, melding crazy guitars with sinister, dancehall energy.

mp3: Homegrown 2011 (See-I from See-I)

The former Teen Inc., now simply Inc. , channel their early 80s Prince on this breezy jam.  Effortless synths, sequenced drum machines, and that young’un lustiness merge into a perfect summer afternoon workout.

mp3: Swear (Inc. from 3)

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