Free Music Friday: The Possibly Mislabelled, Newly Shoed, Less Butterfly-y, Geographically Impressive, Swampy, Jolted, Young Looking, Just Right Edition

Alright, it’s well past lunch, and i know some of us are getting anxious to get our asses out the office door sooner than later, so let’s have at it, shall we?  Time for the latest and greatest in free mp3s for your ear holes, you cheap, cheap bastards.

Those kooky Swedes, jj, dropped a new joint on their blog.  This one maintains their characteristic sound, sweeping instruments, higher end vocals and a seeming infatuation with hip hop terminology.  Oh, they chose the weird track title, not me.

mp3: JJ-RF-YSL-THE END (jj from their blog)


Longtime fave Murspopped out a new mixtape containing some older tracks and new, all to interest listeners in his current Road To Paid Dues Tour.  As luck would have it, the tour swings through DC on March 15 at DC9.  When Murs hits, he hits hard, and this sampler gives a pretty decent taste of what the cat can do with only a minimal amount of self-promotion and shout outs between/during songs.   The new stuff comes from Murs’ collab with Terrace Martin called Melrose.


mp3: Fresh Kicks (Murs and Terrace Martin are Melrose from 2011 Winter/Spring Sampler)


i first stumbled across the aurally pleasingly named Anni Rossi(sounds like an upscale cocktail mixer) doing a fantastic cover of Radiohead’s Creep where she strummed a viola like it was a guitar and gave a soul searing reading of her own.  Her off-kilter, pop-like sensibilities, combined with her classical musical upbringing, create a pretty nifty sound.  She’s releasing her next one, Heavy Meadow, via boutique label 3Syllables Records.
James Leg, aka John Welsey Myers of Black Diamone Heavies, sees his solo debut, the aptly titled Solitary Pleasure, on April 5 on Alive Records.   Employing an earthy growl and the talents of Andy Jody (The Gazelles, Pearlene, The Long Gones, The Customs, Oxford Cotton, Barrence Whitfield and The Savages) on drums, from the first single, Leg appears to be making a run at the swampier side of the blues.
Sure, you think Rilo Kiley, and you immediately think Jenny Lewis.  Don’t worry, i’m not mad atcha, nor do i blame you.  However, just as Ms. Lewis has her “…and Johnny,” RK’s  resident guitarist/songwriter, Blake Sennett, has The Elected, and they’ve just released a brand new song called “Babyface” from the forthcoming album, Bury Me in My Rings, available May 17th.   This one has a bit of a late night ’70s groove.  Good for late night driving, i think.
To keep  you lost on your merry way, a stoney pop piece from Ringo Deathstarr.  Entitled “So High,” the name kind of says it all.

Each new track is a lot less Digable Planets and lot more Something Different. Shabazz Palaces, the new act of Palaceer Lazaro (formerly Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler of the aforementioned DP), has another spooky space ride for us.

By now, you’ve probably heard that TV on the Radio has a new one, Nine Types of Light, due out April 12, but have you heard the new track yet? Going back to my earlier statement, the song name, “Caffeinated Consciousness,” kind of says it all.

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