Free Music Friday: The Possibly Misnamed, Heavily Occular, Not Hungry, Asiatic Children, Jimminy Edition

Do we still do FMF ’round these parts?  Apparently, we do because, you know, it’s not like you get free music here every single day or anything.  With all the massive album love OB has been getting lately, i’d still hate to see some of these singles and exceptionally short EPs not get the love they deserve.

Speaking of exceptionally short EPs, do we have a ruling on how many tracks an EP makes?  i’d typically consider two songs a single/B-side, but what with these daffy Interwebs, it appears the definition has changed.  Regardless, go check out the dull days EP by mind enterprises.  The boys in the band take distorted vocals and peppy beats and smoosh them into near poppy goodness.

mp3: dull days (mind enterprises from dull days EP)

It is rain in my face. is back to announce his upcoming EP, Taws.  Interestingly enough, he takes a similar approach, upping the BPM suitably to an otherwise laid back track to give an almost pop-spin to this first single.  Probably a little early to call this a trend of any sort, but i’m digging the end result regardless.

mp3: Eye Weight (It is rain in my face. from Taws)

Never saw or heard a great deal of love for Moby’s Destroyed, which is a shame, as the tracks i’ve heard are pretty strong.  Regardless of what the critics have said, the wearied maestro has put together a deluxe edition of his latest, which includes this gem.  Reminiscent of the best tracks from Play, he steps into the juke joint and beats the motherfucker up nicely.  Hell, if he put out nothing but tracks like this moving forward, i’d be satisfied.  For the videos, though, can he please convince Christina Ricci to start eating agin?  Goddamn, she was a good looking kid.

mp3: The Poison Tree (Moby from Destroyed Deluxe)

i don’t want to give too much away, but because i am by far the coolest cat i know, i’ve had the opportunity to hear the upcoming Heavy Liquid EP by Chicago crew The-Drum.  Suffice to say, this motherfucker is a beast of a banger.  i can’t say too much more for fear of taking all the good lines from an upcoming review you’ll read shortly.  i can, however, bring you their latest single, “Euthanasa.”  Trust me, you’re going to dig this one when it hits.

mp3: Euthenasa (The-Drum from Heavy Liquid EP)

And to close things out, Moka Only teamed up with beathead Chief to throw down a tight jam.  i hear a lot of complaining that not enough rappers get together with beatheads to create new music.  More often than not, the spitters blamed for not having the skills to keep up with th knob twiddler, but, to be honest, equal blame should be given to a producer who can’t or won’t create a beat that can be rapped over in the first place.  No such problems here, as these two mesh like Mad Dog and microwave pizzas (trust me on this one; believe me, no need for you to try it yourself, but if you do, horrific hangover notwithstanding, i think you’ll see my point).

mp3: Crickets (Moka Only & Chief from Crickets)

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