Free Music Friday: The Pre-Ninjatastic Edition

Sweet Me, i am worn out today, but between getting you jackals and your Free Music Fridays and getting ready to go see The Warrior’s Way in a bit, i guess i best quit bitchin’ and get to gettin,’ as it were.

Fan of the Jack White? Sure, you dig his bold choices to purposefully dress like Edward Scissorhands and his admittedly excellent taste in women, but how do you feel about his work behind the soundboards? Well, here’s a taste of his production work for Nashville rocker Pujol. “Too Safe” is the B-side from Pujol’s Black Rabbit 7″ on Third Man Records.

i dunno know about you, but every now and then, i need a bit of the spastic to keep me sane. That and to wake me. It’s really a kind of either/or situation, but you get the drift. Enter this latest from PS I Love You, “Starfield.” Hit their site up tonight before midnight, give over the name of your unborn child and be entered to win one of three prize packs.

More often than that, however, i need loud, fuzzy sludge rock to make it happen. And that leads us to Yuck’s “Rubber.” Great song, but watch the video at your own risk. Sure, there’s an incredibly cute chick that gets all sorts of nekkid, but there’s also the squeezing and cleaning of a number of dog’s anal glands. i’ve got to be honest with you, it could be a unicorn gang bang after that, but i stopped watching after the third butt purge. That being said, i love the song, and hope to one day never associate the two again. Maybe Mogwai can help me out with their remix.

mp3: Rubber (Yuck from Rubber)

If i’ve told you kids once, i’ve told you a million times–at the end of the day, it’s your music that’s going to ultimately decide whether we post about you here at LET (or if i’m just really lazy and you’re really lucky that day, but that’s another story). That being said, it’s your email pitch that often helps us to decide whether or not to listen to you in the first place (because we get a ton of submissions; and i’m a downright elitist and snob, but i don’t speak for Megs). Today we have two cats who figured it out. First up, sure, Conner Youngblood appears to have sent out a bulk email, but A. he took the time to mention both Meg and me by name and B. he describes one of his tracks as “ambient and hypnotic with ELEMENTS OF DUBSTEP AND BANJO. You fucking win, kid. Most importantly, it’s a hypnotizing track. Please to be enjoying. Second in order but by no means in our hearts, Music for Plants pretended to be from Estonia just because they knew. i certainly dig their style of tropical, instrumental music, but playing it like that deserves props, plain and simple. To you stalwart lads and lasses, i say bully! Bully, i say!!!

Now i must prepare for the ninjasity that surely awaits me this evening. You go now! You been here four hour!!!
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One thought on “Free Music Friday: The Pre-Ninjatastic Edition

  1. I'll be having some of this post later my man (when I get on a PC with speakers)..oh and that Ninja Pic is fucking superb. FUCKING. SUPERB.

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