Free Music Friday–the Purpley, Wally, Splintery, Wakey, Damy, High School Edition

It’s Free Music Friday, children, and like babies to boobies, i look down and here you are again, just as hungry as ever. i can’t decide if that’s a good simile or just creepy, but it’s just about quitting time, so take what you can get, right?

Highland Park’s finest, Fol Chen, are hard at work on a follow-up to their debut, Part One: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made, and are getting ready to hit the road with Liars (the band, not that bitch that still owes you $54 who SWORE you’d have it a week ago). To freshen your memories and entice you to want more, here’s a couple of cover tracks they’ve down for a couple of tribute albums of late. If i could, i’d write about Prince damn near every day of the week, as he clearly is one of the finest musical geniuses of our or any other lifetime. Problem is, homeboy is showing signs of being crazier than a shithouse rat and will sue any and everybody for posting his tracks. Fol Chen covering one of His Royal Badness’ tunes, therefore, will have to suffice. Fortunately, they do it up right here and on the Pink Floyd cover, so it’s all good.

mp3: The Beautiful Ones (Prince cover by Fol Chen from SPIN Presents Purplish Rain)

mp3: In the Flesh (Pink Floyd Cover by Fol Chen from Mojo Presents The Wall Re-Built)

Are you ready for some straight laced, pro-vegan chamber music from Oklahoma’s oldest church choir? Me fucking neither. How about some raggedy rock from The Splinters, a female quartet out of the Bay Area? Here’s a power pop number to help cure what ails ya’.

mp3: Splintered Bridges (The Splinters from upcoming Kick)

Something a bit more subdued more to your liking? Are you fiending for some borderline twee, complete with light whistling, playful vintage keyboards and guitars, and plenty of choir oohs and aahs? If you answered yes, well, fuck a duck, sir, you are in luck. From Wakey! Wakey!’s upcoming debut, Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You…, why don’t you sample a little something they like to call “Twenty-Two?”

Now, i’ve been having a bitch of a time with posting free tracks from Stones Throw even though i’ve begged and pleaded with their PR flak to cut me some slack since the tracks were free on their own site. (Good God, i’m a poet and don’t even know it!) Still, the C&Ds followed every time. And then LET friend Passion of the Weiss explained to me that i’m a damn maroon and to just use their already established links instead of hosting them myself. Assuming this works, Jeff, this is me eating humble pie and apologizing sincerely. Seriously, though, what the hell were you people thinking, letting an ape like me run an Interwebtial site? You people are crazy, i tell you what. That aside, Dam-Funk’s 5 LP opus, Toeachizown, is finally ready and should have started shipping by now. They’re also pimping the reissue of the Equatics’ Doin’ It!!!! Is that name ringing the faintest of bells for some of you older Gen Xers who found your way here after you yelled at your kids for checking out Niki Belucci’s rack yesterday prior to deciding to head back to see more for yourself? i just want you to know, you realize that your kid smokes less weed than you do, right? So quit yelling at the bastard and use the shared experience to bond. And that’s a tip from your Uncle Terrible. Dr. Spock, i ain’t. What the hell was i talking about again? Oh yeah, this track is from the Hampton, Virginia high school champions of Pepsi’s “New Sounds Of 1972” challenge. Please to be enjoying.

mp3: Speak the Truth (Dam-Funk, tentatively unreleased)

mp3: Ain’t No Sunshine (The Equatics from Doin’ It!!!! )
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