Free Music Friday: The Really Late Tuesday Edition

Sorry about the fewer posts last week.  Suffice to say, the wee baby Finn has decided he likes sleeping in one hour increments these days, so i’ve been a bit more harried than usual.  For a bald guy such as myself, that’s really saying something.  So let’s cut the horse shit and jump into things, shall we?

SAMIYAM’s new one is getting ready to drop this June.  Guess who got an early listen?  Suffice to say, it’s pretty nice.  It’s obvious the kid has a knack with all things nostalgic, as his frequent use of 8-bit, choice of vocal snippets and overall sense of yesterdayness implies.  The standout track here, for me, clearly is “Kitties.”  Who else would have the wherewithal to sample “Trailer Park Boys?”  Kudos to you, sir.

mp3: Cushion (SAMIYAM from Sam Baker’s Album)

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of love for Moby’s Destroyed, but i can’t figure out what that is.  Sure, i’ve only heard the EP sampler myself, but i dug what he was putting down there.  Still undecided yourself?  Here’s an acoustic version of an album track for your listening pleasure.

mp3The Day (Orchestral Instrumental) (Moby from his website)

Truth be told, i’m not entirely sure how to categorize Reggie Watts at all.  He’s a comedic, beat boxing, philosophizing, life commentator on keyboard?  Or how about just fucking weird and melodic?  No matter how you slice it, Shit Fuck Stack is the greatest track you’ve never heard featuring the word “Shit” in the title, so time to check out his catalogue.  As luck would have it, Reg just did a Daytrotter session.  And now you have no excuses.

mp3: Panther Quest (Reggie Watts from Daytrotter Studio  5/23/2011)

Finally, a Shabazz Palaces track that doesn’t make me feel totally bad for being a honky!  Just slightly guilty!  Not quite a return to Digable Planets form, but closer to that than anything else we’ve heard from the former Butterfly.  That stuttering percussion is a b-b-b-b-beast.

mp3: Swerve…the reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding) (Shabazz Palaces from Black Up)

And finally, OB fave Sun Araw is getting ready to drop a new one, so we’ve got a track to share.  i keep describing his stuff as tribal, but then my smart-assed brother asked, “which tribe?”  To clarify, Sun Araw music makes one want to disrobe, eat natural hallucinogens, dance around a fire and possibly engage in some type of orgiastic activities.  Sound good to you?  Yeah, i thought so.  Thanks to GvB for the heads up on this one.

mp3: Crete (Sun Araw from Ancient Romans)

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