Free Music Friday: The Return of Daddy Edition

OK, The Missus and The Boy are in the arms of Morpheus, so let’s see if we can’t bang out a Free Music Friday real quick-like.

i’m liking the Bad Panda roster more and more with each new album i hear from the label.  Dumbo Gets Mad is the latest to grace my ear holes, and i’m digging the hell out of what i’m hearing.  i’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to classify it for a while now, but nothing seems to do it justice.  The closest i can come is trip-pop, but that could just be the lack of sleep i’ve been getting.  Regardless, this one man band originally from Northern Italy and now LA, puts together dreamy tracks with a psychedlic quality.  You can pick up a free copy of the entire CD for the low, low price of a Tweet, but here’s a little something something to prove it’s worth your whilie.

mp3Sleeping Over (Dumbo Gets Mad from Elephants at the Door)

mp3Raymond Play (Dumbo Gets Mad from Elephants at the Door)

When people ask me what the allure of beat music is to me, i typically go off down some rabbit hole of an explanation, comparing the genre to jazz.  At it’s finest, there’s an exploratory nature to the music that intrigues me.  Man Mantis is one of those artists that pushes the boundaries, doing more with his electronic doo dads and gizmos than a lot of trained instrumental musicians could ever hope to duplicate.  His latest CD, Cities Without Houses, perfectly examplifies what i mean.  Yes, he uses samples and computers to manipulate a sound of his choosing, but MM’s is a world of LSD-laced walks through carnival funhouses.  In other words, not for the feint of mind, but put this into your headphones, free your mind, and your ass will follow.  Plus, anyone that samples Screamin’ Jay Hawkins gets nothing but love from me.  The price of this one is free, but MM is asking, should you be so inclined, to throw a few ducts his way for a kickstarter campaign to print some vinyl LPs and cassettes, as well as  going towards an “experimental new procedure to correct the hideous genetic deformation that has left me with the face and head of a Praying Mantis. And also for Mantis food.”

mp3Come Into My Parlor (Man Mantis from Cities Without Houses)

mp3: Minor Aches and Pains (Man Mantis from Cities Without Houses)

i have no idea how this one escaped my notice for as long as i did, so all i can do is apologize for missing it.  My favorite beat producer, Alex B, dropped his Paper Diamond project, appraently a couple of months back.  Going back to my earlier argument that beat music is akin to jazz in its exploratory nature, Alex B is the poster child for the debate.  i could write more, but that simply would prevent you from downloading this beast for yourself.  Trust me, if you dig complext beats, and i’m assuming you do if you’re hear, you’re going to likey.

mp3: From Now Til… (Paper Diamond from Levitate)

mp3: Imagine the Possibilities (Paper Diamond from Levitate)

mp3: Steady Swinging  (Paper Diamond from Levitate)

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