Free Music Friday: The Spurty, Japanese Boat Loving, Acidy, Swedish, Circus Freaky Edition

First off, a HUGE tip ‘o the hat to my foxy partner-in-crime, Megan Terrible, for doing all the heavy lifting this past week whilst i was away on business (and temporarily snowed out of DC, stuck in Salt Lake City). It was a LOOOONG week, but i’m back in the saddle now, as it were, so here we are.

The good news for you kids is that i’ve had a decent pile-up of tracks with which to share with you on this, the most holy of holies, some random Friday.

Otnorot Recordings has hipped us to the even hipper sounds of GuSHee. Comprised of Cheldon Paterson (production duties, knob twiddling, etc) and Vanese Smith (vox, button pushing, etc), you might recognize the sound, as we’ve highlighted Paterson’s Pro~Ef more than once here. Think of this as Soul II Soul for the Tens.

mp3: When I Think of You…Sunshine (GuSHee from GuSHee, out March 8, 2011)

Speaking of the spoken of before, Junk Culture recently dropped another track from his latest, Summer Friends. Man behind the plan Deepak Mantena seems to be going the Baths route, utilizing a more pop-oriented sound and structure for his otherwise beat driven tunes.

mp3: Weird Teenage Vibes (Junk Culture from Summer Friends, out February 2011)

Since we seem to be on a groove, now would be a good time to mention that Emay has dropped a new EP for our listening pleasure. This kid’s sound continues to evolve, and in good ways, too. Hip hop melded with more nuanced beat music. What’s not to like?

And now, for something completely similar. When i got an email promoting “hippie-hop,” my first reaction was “i’ll pass.” Thankfully, the fact that the band was from Stockholm enticed me to give it a try anyway because i am addicted to Scandinavians for some unfathomable reason. What we’ve got is a pretty damn good combo sound that’s equal parts Doors, Beck and Digable Planets.

On the opposite end of the email enticement spectrum, as soon as i saw that someone naming himself “Sleepyvillian” had sent something to me, i was immediately intrigued. i first thought it was going to be some Madvillian knock-off or the like, but the email note went on to tell me i had so, so much more on my hands. Sleepyvillian is one Portland, Oregon artist who spent the past few years traveling with Barnum & Bailey Circus as a musician. Fuck me with a lightsaber, i thought, that’s audio gold right there, son. His is a sound reminiscent of an even ghostlier TV on the Radio.

And that, ladies and gents, is enough to send you on your merry way.
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