Free Music Friday: The Suicidal, Grrrly, Funky, Stoney, Chill Version

i’ve been having an internal dialogue on what makes Free Music Friday any different than any other day of the week in regards to LET providing mp3s for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. Then i remembered that Fridays are the day that a lot of labels send me freebies to share with the world. At that point, i realized i was speaking to myself far too much, which probably meant the drugs were working. Which was nice.

The brilliant Mark Oliver Everett aka Mr. E. aka the force behind the Eels is out with his latest, End Times. Whereas he usually takes years between albums, this one is hitting a scant few months after the last one. Now, i’ve only heard a handful of tracks to this one myself, but all the reviews i’ve been reading essentially say not to listen to this one if you’re a self-cutter, as its depressing as hell, and you’ll probably end up slashing your wrists too deep this time, and then your parents are going to find you dead, and you probably didn’t even get rid of your porn collection beforehand and, really, who wants to deal with that kind of mess? Still, this track isn’t too shabby at all, though it clearly is more on the downbeat side of things.

mp3: Little Bird (Eels from End Times)

Tired of girl groups with no balls? Well, you should probably go to more tranny shows then. If you’re more figurative than literal, though, you’ll probably dig WETDOG’s Tidy Up Your bedroom” off their new Frauhaus. These ladies are not of the recent chillwave or twee schools of rock. They’ve clearly got more of the Breeders and the Runaways coursing through their veins. If that’s your bag, you, sir, you, ma’am, and you, with the face, all are in luck.

And if those tracks aren’t stoner friendly enough for you, how about these? Remember that time you were hanging out with that hippie chick and her “lover,” and then somebody busted out the bongos, and you all started jamming out to the Doors’ “My Wild Love?” Well, if those two weren’t such wastoids and started a band with three others, not only would it be monstrously coincidental, but they might just sound a little something like Giant Cloud. Here’s the first single from their Old Books EP. And if you prefer your chill music of the electronic variety, here’s something from To Rococo Rot’s latest CD, Speculation. This track wouldn’t be out of place at all for the chillout room once you start coming down from your fourth ecstasy tab of the night. Or so i’ve heard.

mp3: Rainbows (Giant Cloud from Old Books EP)

mp3: Working Against Time (To Rococo Rot from Speculation)

Last but certainly not list, just for your email address and a couple of personal deets, we’ve got an entire free EP from Fort Knox Five. You’d think a guy who was trying to immerse himself in the beat scene would be more down with these cats. Hell, between them and Thievery Corp., i think we’re pretty much covered 98 percent of the DC beat scene. But wait, there’s more! These crazy kids have a Silk Parasol’s worth of downloadable goodies, so get your DJ fix here. And here’s the kicker–they’re playing a “free” show this Sunday, January 24th, 2010 from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM at Modern in Georgetown. Folks are encouraged, however, to make a donation of at least $10 for admission, as all the proceeds will support relief efforts in Haiti. The bill includes Nadastrom, Fort Knox Five (natch), Joe Nice, Will, Eastman and Stylus Chris (no relation). If that isn’t worth a sawbuck, well, then i don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, i’m headed to San Diego on Sunday and won’t get home ’til next Thursday, followed by (hopefully) selling my condo on Friday. In other words, i might be a little light with the posting next week for these aforementioned reasons. That should give you all that much more time to get me those drugs and nude pixs of ex-gfs, though, so have at it, children.
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2 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: The Suicidal, Grrrly, Funky, Stoney, Chill Version

  1. Well, thank you. i actually go to some lengths to get pictures that make me smile that are at least tangentially related to the post.

    Usually, i type in something related to the post and just let Google image do its thing before finding what i like. Let me tell you, though, it can be either a hilarious or frightening endeavor. Try googling "free" w/ no adult protection filters. i dare you.

    Aye carumba, that's some eye washing stuff.

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