Free Music Friday: The Timely, Canadian, Rationalizing, Sickly, Give Me Your Email Address, Up and Down Version

For whatever reason, the Powers That Be opted not to drop copious amounts of free mp3s into ye olde inbox this week, but fret not! It’ll just harsh your buzz if you do. Besides, because i am such a helluva guy, i scoured the Interwebs near and far to find your lazy asses the best new freebie schwag out there today.

To get things started, we’ve got the return of Field Music. The boys in the band (brothers Peter and David Brewis [vox], Kev Dosdale [guitar and keys] and Ian Black [bass]) are coming off a “self-imposed three year hiatus” with a new 20-track monster, Field Music (Measure). The boys are touring, too, but alas and alack, are coming nowhere particularly near our neck of the woods. Seriously, though, is it just me or are the vocal similarities between the Brother Brewis and Steely Dan downright uncanny? Regardless, you can stream the entire new CD over here at KCRW.

mp3: Each Time Is a New Time (Field Music from Field Music (Measure)) (right click)

The next few tracks are going to cost you something, but they’re three stellar fucking tracks, so get over it. As i mentioned recently, the new currency for most free mp3s is your email address. Take solace in the fact, however, that as soon as these boys (hopefully some of your favorite bands) put out that next 7″ that they’re only releasing on Record Store Day, you’ll be in the know.

Caribou nee Manitoba has a new one coming, too. His Swim hits is scheduled to hit shelves April 20. Each of his CDs has been successively better, so i, at least, have high hopes for this one. His expertise lies in creating electronic music that sounds like anything but. First single “Odessa” is a bit heavier than some of his earlier stuff, but dense means good here.

mp3: Odessa (Caribou from Swim) (left click)

i didn’t really know the morning benders for more than their sometimes excellent bedroom covers CD, but it appears i was cutting these cats much less slack than they deserved. Their Big Echo is due March 9. If first track “Excuses” is any indication, this puppy is going to be a monster. Have you seen the accompanying video yet? Old boy is going for a Phil Spector Wall of Sound vibe, and i’ll be damned if he doesn’t nail it.

mp3: Excuses (the morning benders from Big Echo) (left click)

One of my top five favorite bands, Broken Social Scene, is back after far too long away. Sure, the white Canuck version of Wu-Tang put out a couple of stellar “Broken Social Scene Presents” CDs, but those still weren’t the same thing. Can a RZA or Ghostface Killah solo joint ever be quite as strong as a collaborative group effort? i argue no. It appears most of the dates for the upcoming supporting tour for Forgiveness Rock Record (out May 4) are taking place overseas in Europe. Did somebody say “Euro Trip?” Anyway, first single “World Sick” is the type of sprawling rocker we’ve come to except from these masterful bastards.

As a complete side note, i recently almost broke down into fisticuffs when someone disagreed with me that You Forgot It In People was hands down one of the top 10 CDs of the Aughties. Fortunately, i’m lazy and out of shape, so that didn’t happen, but the fact remains, these cats kick a tasty groove, and there ain’t no bout a doubt it.

mp3: World Sick (Broken Social Scene from Forgiveness Rock Record) (left click)

To wrap things up, i just received the latest from LET’s preferred charitable organization, the Mark Sandman Music Project, who are back with three new free tracks this week. Over the past few months, they’ve had a very successful run bringing musical opportunities to young people in the Greater Boston Metro Area. They’ve taught some audio engineering classes, recorded some young up and comers out of high school, and are in the early stages of offering an intensive songwriting and recording class. Of course, none of that is possible without a few ducats from cats like you and me, so let’s get with it people, and get to giving. It’s the least you can do after all the excellent music the late Mr. Sandman and the boys in Morphine gave and continue to give to the world.

mp3: Yo Yo (Mark Sandman from the Mark Sandman Tribute Recordings) (left click)

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