Free Music Friday:Get Your Groove On Edition

Sorry about yesterday’s screwy video links.  Damn technical crap.  i’m still trying to figure out the code issues, but rather than belabor the problem, let’s get onto the free mp3s, right?  That shit that happened yesterday, happened yesterday.  Now the clock is inching towards cocktail time, so i do believe it’s time to drop some tunes and get our colllective groove on, kids.

Shlohmo’s new EP, Places, is a beast.  The eponymous lead track seriously is an admittedly early contender for my favorite track of the year, regardless of genre.  It’s just that good.  And i’m apparently not the only one who thinks so, as the short player has made its way up to #2 on iTunes’ electronic charts.  By way of thanks from the man himself, he just posted this chopped & screwed remix of that selfsame track mentioned previously.  Always good to start a FMF off on the right foot.

mp3: Places (Chopped & Screwed Remix) (Shlohmo from the WeDidIt website)

i can’t be the only one here looking to get my 80s groove on this fine Friday afternoon.  Or maybe i am.  i do tend to be a trensetter like that.  Tats?  Goatees?  Small hats?  Yeah, i did all that shit first.  Then hipsters started riding my jock, but that’s alright, too.  i’m still one step ahead.  It’s my cross to bear.  What can you do?  Oh yeah, get your 80s electro-groove on like i said to in the first place.  This one’s for the yacht disco roller boogie crowd.  Also, Gunnar Bjerk is my new favorite name.  i’m just saying.

mp3: Back Then (Gunnar Bjerk from Back Then/Stay Single)

With the new  Kode9 and The Spaceape LP, Black Sun, dropping on April 18, the maestro has put together a dub version of “Time Patrol” (which originally appeared on the 5 Years of Hyperdub comp back in 2009; thanks for the info, XLR8R).  This one is as tense and coiled as a pissed of cobra coming down, so consider yourself forewarned.

mp3: Time Patrol Dub (Kode9 from XLR8R)

And to send you off on a much different than usual note, how about a bit of bluesy, ever so latin-tinged jazz?  That’s right, we snazzing things up with T.K. Blue’s “Moods of Parker” from Latin Bird, Blue’s homage to Charlie “Bird” Parker.  Inspired by Bird’s “Parker’s Mood,” this track will keep the late night party grooving nicely.  Have at it, children.

mp3:  Moods of Parker (T.K. Blue from Latin Bird)

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