Free Music Friday:The One with Public Enemy and She-Ra References

It’s a slow day at the office when i can find time to put together a post this early in the day, but i guess that’s what a summer Friday can do.  Oh well, my financial loss is your gain, you music hungry jackals.

Continuing the latest string of post-dub remixes to otherwise non-dubby tracks (see: Jamie xx, Adele), we have a nice job with Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” by the Oos & Aahs.  Which is what people say when i jump in my car.  People treat me like Kareem Abdul Jabar, by the by.  That’s right.  i went there.

mp3I Follow Rivers (The Oos & Ahs Remix) (Lykke Li from the O&A  Soundcloud)

First Word feels you should get to know Ye Mighty, the duo consisting of Max Wheeler (formerly of Dirty Diggers) and Richard “Dutch” Halligan, which means we have a single from their debut, Beyond Cairo.  Funky, seemingly forlorn horns over a hip hop kick drum beat and spacey sythns.  This is what you 30 loyal readers keep coming back for, right?  You fuckers will enjoy this, i have no doubt.  Who loves ya, baby?

mp3: Beyond (Ye Mighty from Beyond Cairo)

Big Spider’s Back is back with another single from his upcoming Memory Man.  This time, it’s a lazy, hazy construction of hand percussion, ethereal voices chanting in the background (not to be confused with Etherial voices, though that would be pretty fucking dope), and bubbly keys.  Most importantly, i was just able to work in a She-Ra reference right there.  See how i did that?  Sweet Bippie, i am good.

mp3: Brigitte Bombay ft. USF (Big Spider’s Back from Memory Man)

When the NY Times pronounced Van Hunt the heir apparent to Prince, i was a bit skeptical.  i still don’t think he’s seized the purple crown, but i will be the first to agree that his take on funky/soulful R&B is too nice.  The opening track, which shares its name with the album, the aptly released “June,” is a slow jam, not-quite-ballad that sounds right for a sultry, summer, Friday night.  Here’s hoping yours is.

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