From Chaos to Cosmos by Aleph

There are few joys that rate higher for a music blogger than the much beloved “naming of a new sub-genre.”  So Aleph’s latest, From Chaos to Cosmos, is a special treat for us today, kiddies, as it’s the first time i get to use and you get to read about blunted robo-ghost-glitch-hop.  What else can we call this?  Sure sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a movie about break dancing, un-undead androids haunting their still operating robotic butler brethren as the latter group of automatons attempts to save the robo-president from synthetic vampires to me.  Of course, i smoke a LOT of the reefer, so there is that.  Regardless, if you’re looking to get your electro groove on, baby, this King Deluxe madman has the goods for what ails you, spreading cosmic chaos since the beginning of time immemorial.  Or at least the past few minutes, son.  Don’t ask me, i just work here.

mp3: Theatre of Matter (Aleph from From Chaos to Cosmos)

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