From Love to Dust by Sina.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Project: Mooncircle kills it again on the label’s next release, From Love to Dust.  Sina. (aka Barry Gordon) adds a sultry, more sensual side to the normal P:M side.  Traces of trip-hop flirt unabashedly with mellow funk grooves on the first half of the EP, a three song journey into a hazy cloud of blunted emotions.  The Irish beathead represents the Emerald Isle all too well.  The second half is dedicated to remixes from the likes of Switzerland’s rising star producer Gards From KC, UK beat smith Kelpe, and Glasgow’s own Soosh.  Naturally, these remixes are above and beyond the call of duty, and i’d expect nothing less from a P:M project.  Taking the essence and ribs of Sina.’s jams, the three rework the eponymous single into spaces almost unrecognizable save for an obvious shared vision of a groove.

mp3: From Love to Dust Mini-Mix (Sina.)

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