FunJunkie’s 2010 Summer Burn!

For the fourth or fifth year in a row now, i’m participating in FunJunkie’s annual Summer Burn. Essentially, the fine chaps over at the site host an annual “mix swap” with anyone who signs up to participate. To prove you’re not a wanker who just wants free CDs for nothing, you have to sign up ahead of time and even send them a postcard to prove you are for reals, but other than that, it’s just putting together a mix of just about anything one that you, the sender, feel is “summer-y” music. Pretty simple, eh?

In return for your efforts, you are supposed to receive two random mixes from two random folks who also are in the mix mastering mood. Unfortunately, i think i’m batting under .500 in the receipt department over the past few years, but i do it because i love making mixes. It’s called the Summer Burn as CDs are due to be sent out on the actual summer solstice, but, as usual, i’m a couple of days behind. However, my mixes officially are done, i’ve spent all morning working on the covers, and they’ll be in the mail first thing tomorrow (still need The Missus to help a bit with the covers, what with me having sausage fingers and all). But why should the fun stop with two random strangers when i can share the fruits of my loom with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of random strangers?

Now, i’m leaving a couple of tracks off these posts (Part II to follow shortly, but only allows for so many labels per post, so…) because A. i don’t want to raise the ire of any lawyers bitching about recent releases and B. gotta have a lil’ sumfin’ special for the folks who actually signed up, right?

Many of these tracks already have been recommended here at LET, but when combined into one mix, well, they’ll probably cause an aural orgasm the likes of which your undergarments may not survive, so consider yourself forewarned. For hot, sticky nights. Drugs not included, but certainly not discouraged, either.

Without further ado, Burn, Baby, Burn, Part the First.

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