FunJunkie’s Summer Burn 2010, Part the Second

The Missus was more than kind enough to help me put together the covers for these mixtape masterpieces last night, so they’re en route to recipients in far off lands even now. Part of the experience of FunJunkie’s annual Summer Burn, you see, is the case itself.

Last year, i went shitty and just used iTunes auto-jewel-case-cover-program, which is pretty plebeian on its own. Of course, that was the year i exchanged with some graphic designer who sent me this lush, handmade piece with silk screening and the whole nine yards. So this year, i returned to my fourth grade collaging skills for the cover (pictured here) and even bought some nifty program at Best Buy that was supposed to be the shit’s tits, but the paper fucked up my printer. Long story short if it’s not too late already, The Missus came through like a champ, so they actually looked like they were made by more than a drunken goat herder.

If you enjoyed yesterday’s foray into the mind of Uncle Terrible’s summer mix mentality, here’s some more of the same. Only infinitely different.

mp3: Exile (Enya from Watermark)

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