Funky Star Wars by Headnodic

So it’s birthday time for the Daly boys this weekend.  Today is Pop’s, tomorrow is my brother, Jay’s, and Sunday is mine.  Clearly, the universe was aware of this and wanted to treat us right, as this beautiful piece of nerd beatery landed squarely in my lap this morning.  For your geek listening and viewing pleasure, allow me to present to you, Funky Star Wars by Headnodic, “the funkiest collection of 70s and 80s Star Wars cover tunes in the galaxy.”  DUDE, IT HAS A FUCKING EWOK RAP SONG IN EWOKESE!!! Seriously, i think i just felt it move.

Oh, and a special thanks to DJ No DJ for the heads up.

mp3: Funky Star Wars (Headnodic from his website)

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