Gem Drops Two by Dropping Gems

What’s this bull crocka i’m hearing about Mary Anne Hobbs  recently “discovering” just how good the Dropping Gems label is by way of their latest comp, Gem Drops Two?  Vinegar, please, i’ve been pimping the label and its artists for more than a minute now, but will the BBC give me my own radio show?  Fucking anti-American hatred, i tell you what.  Do they even bother to ask about my proud, quarter-Canuck stock?  Regardless of those ass hats, i will agree with Ms. Hobbes that this comp certainly deserves downloading.  Featuring such big beat boppers as DJAO, Strangeloop, Ghost Feet, Daedalus, D33J and others, this synth-heavy think piece shows off the hi-end of the beat scene (as opposed to low-end, bass heavy side, you Nimrod).  For those of you that like to snort Pixy Stix and dance in front of your mirror in your underwear, this might just be the one for you.

mp3: Duasi (Strangeloop from Gem Drops Two)

mp3: Belly (Natasha Kmeto from Gem Drops Two)

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