GIANTLAND by Left Channel

Put simply, Left Channel are the Roger Waters of the beat world.  The Manchester duo are owners of perhaps the world’s most bizarre crates.  Sure, you might find some deeper, but i dare you to find any that are as far reaching.  If we’re talking uber-obscure, look no further.  On GIANTLAND, the boys are back.  Lest you be worried that this is freak noise (dogs barking, whistling, breaking glass and more sound effects than you could shake a stick at) for the sake of freak noise, allow me to quell any such concerns.  While it’s unlikely you’re going to hear such esoteric samples anywhere else regardless, it’s even less likely you’ll ever hear anyone take this amount of odd noises, random cartoon clips and untraceable dialogue snippets and turn them into beasts like this.

mp3: My Cathode Spike (Left Channel from GIANTLAND)

mp3: Sleeping Nun (Left Channel from GIANTLAND)

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