Go, Cubs, Go!

Yes, i’m aware of the fact that i’m currently a D.C. local, but as i’ve mentioned time and again, i’m a true blue Chicagoan at heart. Assuming the heavens don’t open up and the game isn’t called on account of rain, i’m on my way to assuredly watch my Cubbies beat the snot out of the Nats this evening. And while i was mentioning to Meg just this past weekend how nice it was not to have to rely on posting random (albeit excellent) mixes so often, you know i ain’t goin’ out like that for Chicago’s finest (well, most beloved, at least) baseball team (sorry, Southsiders).

Without further ado, the Greatest Cubbies Mix You Ever Will Hear (with a special blog-on-blog shout out to Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?, where i “borrowed” a large chunk of this thing).

mp3: Hey, Hey, Holy Mackeral (Chicago Cubs Singers from Cub Power)

mp3: Someday We’ll Go All the Way (Eddie Vedder from Some Concert Somewhere)

mp3: WGN Radio Cubs Theme (The Brothers DeFino from WGN Radio)

mp3: Let’s Go Cubs! This is Our Year! (Eamus Catuli from the Interwebs)

mp3: Don’t Cry for Me, I’m a Cubs Fan (Bleeding Cubbie Blue also from the Interwebs)
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