God Damn Those DJs Made My Day

Two stellar mixtapes from two DJ camps because, as we all know, DJs like to sleep outdoors and avoid bears.  We all need to avoid bears, people.  Seriously.  Get with the fucking program already.

If you’re going to start your mix with a Kung Fu reference, well, you’ve got my attention.  And yet don’t be confused into thinking this one is a Wu banger.  First Word Record’s resident turntabilist Mike-L cooked up an exclusive mix for Bonafide, which i’m clearly jacking for your listening pleasure.  The things i do for you bastards.  Mike-L gets dusty with source material, but loops everything together into a more than satisfying package, highlighting things with music for hitchhiking space cowboys.

mp3: MIKE-L X BONAFIDE BEATS #10 (Mike-L from www.bonafidezine.com)

Receiving the WeDidIt seal of approval is no small feat, and San Diego’s Ark and Saw clearly deserve the love based on their latest mixtape.  Entitled Morning Somewhere, the source material here is odder still.  The set list includes everyone from Tyler the Creator to Ras G.  This one is for the pre-post-pocalytpic-dubstep crowd, if we need to put a title on these things.  Which we do.

mp3: Morning Somewhere Mixtape (Ark and Saw from their Sound Cloud)

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