Happy 10,000th!

Well, kids, LET is about to hit a milestone, and we want you to join us in celebrating. We are very close to our 10,000th hit, a number of which we are very, very proud. Sure, there are music blogs out there that hit those numbers on a monthly (or even daily) basis, but you’ll forgive us for being proud nonetheless.

To commemorate this personal achievement, we’ve got some goodies for one lucky person who happens to visit us around hit numbereth 10,000th. Thanks to our very fine friends at Light in the Attic Records, we have copies of two Monks’ CDs, Black Monk Time and The Early Years: 1964-1965.

By now, you’ve probably heard the hype about these re-issues. We’ve heard it at LET HQ, and this stuff is tight. You’ve got your largely unheralded band of kids making some major waves in the then-history of rock. These cats were some of the first to really explore the beauty of feedback, and you can hear the magic on these discs.

How easy is it to win? Just email us at lesenfantsterriblesmusic@gmail.com and tell us why you love us. True, perhaps it’s a bit narcissistic. But it is our blog, dammit.

So keep coming back. We expect to have a winner in the coming days. As soon as we hit the magic number, we’ll let the world know.

A very special thanks to everyone who has stopped by our little corner of the Interwebs over the past year or so. Hopefully, it’s been at least half as fun for you as it has for us.

mp3: The Monks – We Do Wie Du

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