Happy Bastille Day!

Sacre bleu, it’s Bastille Day, and your favorite Enfants Terribles almost accidentally let the day pass with nary a nod to our French namesakes. We couldn’t let that happen, now could we? Now, my last visit to France consisted of me getting in a screaming match with the customs guy at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, but what can you do? Nice remains perhaps my favorite European city, and who doesn’t love a good croissant now and again? Don’t even get me started on fries.

In celebration of le quatorze juillet, we’ve put together a little mix of Frenchified tunes for your listening enjoyment. As His Royal Badness once said, “That’s French. See?”

Just don’t ask me what any of the songs mean. While Madame Farina will be aghast, my four years of high school French did not stick so well. i’m pretty sure i remember how to say “Your mom sleeps with my dog,” though.

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