Happy 7th Birthday, First Word

To celebrate their seventh anniversary, the fine folks at First Word Records, home to such OB faves as Kidkanevil and Eliphino (fucking LOVE that name), have dropped a sampler feauring their “pick of the last 7 years of music and for the next 7 days we’re giving it away for free.”  Whether you’re looking for laid back beats, afro-funk grooves, 70s soundtrack jams or rudeboy rhymes, First Word is 7 has it all.  Sure, samplers are only as good as the label that distributes them, but First Word has a beast of a stable.  Here are a couple of choice cuts, but move your ass and snag the entire thing yourself before it disappears.

mp3: Intro (Advance Math) (Kidkanevil from First Word is 7)

mp3: Up Sticks (Eliphino from First Word is 7)

mp3: The Nuts (Red from First Word is 7)

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