Happy Birthday, Jay: The Greatest Cornbread Mix You Will Ever Hear

Guess what? For those of you that replied “chicken butt,” good on you, mate. i love that joke.

Today is my brother Jay’s birthday. Happy 34th, old timer. You’re still not as good looking as your older brother, but that just gives you something to shoot for next year.
As luck would have it, Jay is in a band, Reid Wilson and His So-Called Friends. These good, ol’ boys play old timey country music with a corn liquor kick. Think more Hank Williams, Sr. with a healthy dose of mandolin pickin’. If you heard “country music” and thought somebody like Garth Brooks, seriously, get out of my house right now. And don’t let the doorknob hit you in the ass. Anyway, as is appropriate and good, Reid and the boys sing about the important things in life, like girls with tattoos, getting shitfaced and wishing your hair was made out of weed. That would be my little brother on lead guitar and back-up vocals. Trust me, this stuff is finger lickin’ good.

mp3: Girls with Tattoos (Reid Wilson and His So-Called Friends from Country Music Revolution)

mp3: The Hairijuana Song (Reid Wilson and His So-Called Friends from Country Music Revolution)

And as an extra special gift for my bro, a little special mix for the guy that folks down Austin, Texas-way call Cornbread.

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