Happy Birthday, Mama Said Knock You Out!

Guess who just turned 20? No, not that young’un you keep trying to sneak into bars, but none other than the seminal rap album, Mama Said Knock You Out, by hip hop icon LL Cool J. Now, i plan on doing an old skool review of Ladies Love Cool James sooner than later, but today is just to wish many happy returns of the day to the album that spawned the line, “Don’t call it a comeback,” which you and everyone you know has abused ad nauseum ever since.

In an increasingly more common move, a bunch of up and comers have put together their own homage to the classic album. The tracks have been tweaked quite noticeably, but the sentiment still is there.

Of course, i’d be remiss without mentioning the landmark MTV Unplugged that followed the album, wherein the world found out that LL really needed to change deodorants. Yipes, that was some chunky pit action going on right there.

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