Happy St. Patty’s!

i’m pretty sure i’d be in danger of losing my Mc card if i didn’t do something to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on ye olde blog today, and we clearly can’t have that happening. The discounts it affords on corned beef alone are worth the price of admission, and i ain’t screwing with that.

Sadly, there will be no Jameson or Guinness for me this evening, thanks to these god awful blood thinners, but i am finishing a Shamrock Shake as i write this, so life ain’t all bad. Plus, i got through most of Darby O’Gill and the Little People during my lunch hour, so the day has by no means been a complete loss.

To help put you in the mood, i’ve compiled a few tracks by some of the Motherland’s finest, from pope haters to degenerate drunks. Faith and beggorah, i do love being Irish.

i don’t believe Stephen Lynch is himself of the Mc-ish persuasion, but that doesn’t mean he can’t write a fine Irish jig about menstruation.

i REALLY wanted to post the mp3 of Sean Connery singing “My Pretty Irish Girl,” but i couldn’t find it. i had the Disney boxed set it was on years ago, but what can you do? Thank St. Pat for YouTube, eh?

Oh, and in case you aren’t near a McDonald’s, here’s what you’re missing.

In closing, Erin Go Bra-less!
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