hectic zeniths by hectic zeniths

i love a beat with a good background story.  As such, allow me to please introduce Adam Morgan Prince a.k.a hectic zeniths.  As i’m sure you immediately deduced for yourself, “hectic zeniths” is an anagram of “zeitschichten,” which, as we all know, is German for “layers of time.”  Duh, right?  Teaming up, Marvel superhero-like, with violinist Patrick Bailey, guitarist Dave Cohen, and The Yetti on drums (Sasquatch is going to be pissed), the eponymous CD answers the question, “what would beats sound like heavily infused with pianos?”  Fortunately, the answer is deep, passionate and different.  i can’t think of any other beat album i’ve heard that sounds quite like this one, which is a good thing.  Eschewing the obvious, hectic zeniths has far more reach and substance than a lot of other instrumental hip-hop albums could ever hope to display.  Plus, did you read my earlier note?  They’ve got a fucking bigfoot on percussion!  That has to mean something!

mp3: curtain (hectic zeniths from hectic zeniths)

mp3: i might drown (hectic zeniths from hectic zeniths)

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