Him Jenson by Durlin Lurt

As if you couldn’t already tell by yourself, i’m taking a self-imposed hiatus while i’m up to my eyeballs in alligators at work.  Fortunately, i have a huge Disney vacation with the fam starting tomorrow which has the added double geek punch of incorporating Star Wars Weekends into the mix, as well.  Once i’m back and settled, i’m sure we’ll return to our regularly scheduled beats.

In the interim, i would be remiss if Odd Bloggings didn’t offer up a moment of music (we don’t deal with silence ’round these parts) for the 22nd anniversary of the passing of Jim Henson.  You can go elsewhere for memorials (this one always chokes me up), but never let it be said our geekdom doesn’t lead down a Muppeted path.

And what better beat tribute to talented genius than Him Jenson by Durlin Lurt, arguably the most slept upon beat masterpiece of all time!  ‘Cuz, you know, we eschew hyperbole ’round these parts, too.  26 tracks for each letter of the alphabet, comprised entirely of Jim Henson samples.

mp3: Llamas (feat. Tone Live, Decay, & Selfish) (Durlin Lurt from Him Jeson)

mp3: Magic (Durlin Lurt from Him Jenson)

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