Hip Beats Vol. 1 by Jimmy Flamante

i first misread the title of Jimmy Flamante’s newest EP as “Hip Hop Beats Vol. 1,” which initially was kind of a shocker, and not the three fingered, good kind, either.  Two tracks in, and i kept thinking, why is Flamante pigeonholing himself like this?  These beats are much larger in scope and grandeur than simple hip hop beats.  Then i learned how to read gooder, as these are indeed some of the hippest beats you’re going to hear all day.

Hip Beats Vol. 1 is a complex cauldron of stewed cosmic slop.  Listen to that percolating percussion, and tell me it’s not bubbling.  Sampling from numerous stews, Flamante has a bit of straight up funk here, some Eastern inflections there, and a touch of 70s sunshine all around.  This is another one for the head nodders, no doubt.  Jus’ Like Music, you’ve done it again.

mp3: Time (Jimmy Flamante from Hip Beats Vol. 1)

mp3: Hip Beat-01 (Jimmy Flamante from Hip Beats Vol. 1)

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