Hold On by Krts

Is it possible for beats to sound simultaneously retro and futuristic?  Seems like Project: Mooncircle’s latest wunderkind, Krts, figured out the recipe and just nails it on his first “genuine label” debut EP, Hold On.  Over the course of an all-too-brief five tracks clocking in at just over 20 minutes, Krts builds sonic landscapes that transcend hip-hop and throw him into the dreaded “exploratory” category.  In this case, however, Krts displays the finest qualities the word conveys.  No, these are just weird, self-masturbatory exercises in knob twiddling, they’re simply in a universe of their own.  These are neither hip-hop, nor drum ‘n bass, nor house, nor any other easily quantifiable genre.  Sure, they seem custom made for a blunted head phone experience, but that’s about as close to pinning down the nature of these chill beats as we’re probably going to get.  Instead, let’s just agree this is a mellow ride put on by an up and coming beathead who has a way behind the boards.  i mean, let’s be honest–if it’s coming from P:M, it’s not like it’s going to be anything less than stellar quality.  Release date isn’t until September 23rd, but you can check out a couple of tracks and pre-order below.  To further blow wind up your skirt, here’s a mini-mix to let you get your groove on.

mp3: Hold On Mini-Mix (Krts from the P:M Soundcloud)

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