How Could We Forget?: Her Space Holiday

This CD clearly fell into the “I’ll get around to it” category for me. The track “Sleepy Tigers” quickly made its way into ye olde iPod’s heavy rotation, but it took me a while to listen to the entire album. I have no real excuse other than to say I was listening to a lot of stuff at the time, and there are only so many hours in the day.

My knowledge of Her Space Holiday (the stage name of Marc Bianchi) previously was limited to the song “Missed Medicine”, which a buddy of mine had put onto a mix. I knew I really dug that track, but didn’t have much else to go on. I have since learned that HSH predominantly does contemporary one-man music, meaning entirely in this case that it pretty much is him and a laptop. Which is surprising, since XOXO Panda, The New Kid Revival plays more like a camp sing-a-long than anything else, incorporating everything from kazoos to banjos along its ambling way.

While a few tracks here do drag a tad, overall I thought it had a more than pleasant vibe and comes across as an excellent CD to sit out under the stars with to count fireflies. The standout tracks for me would be the aforementioned “Sleepy Tigers” and “The Day in Review”, though there’s plenty more to keep one satisfied.

Since having really started listening to XOXO myself, I’ve read a fair amount of bitching about Bianchi going off in a new direction. Personally, I kind of dig the progression (descenscion?) into twee territory. It’s the differences that keep us coming back for more, right?

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