How Could We Forget?: Spinnerette

You know how it goes at the end of the year. What with the holidays, the never ending parties, the fights with your family, the inevitable fist fight with your one sibling and subsequent drunken apologies, sometimes you just forget a few things you meant to do before New Year’s Eve. We here at LET are no exception and will be running a new column, at least for the time being, entitled “How Could We Forget?” where we’ll post on CDs that somehow escaped our notice, fell off our radar or perhaps fled our minds during a moment (of which there were many) of intoxicated weakness. Regardless, these CDs do some rawking and we’d be remiss not to give them some love. First up is Spinnerette‘s Ghetto Love EP.

In my defense, this did only come out mid-December, but that’s not a good enough excuse for not mentioning this rocker sooner. Spinnerette is the new project from former Distillers guitarist/vocalist Brody Dalle. In case you were worried Ms. Dalle lost any of her edge, rest assured, this one was made to punch you in the gut. The eponymous lead track has an ominous bass line, incendiary guitar work and Brody’s throaty growl of a voice, so it has that going for it. That leaps into the equally propulsive “Valium Knights”. “Distorting A Code” slows things down considerably, but give it until just after the halfway mark, when producer Alain Johannes’ technical wizardry shines through brilliantly. Is that backward looping I hear? Me likey. “Closer Bury My Heart” comes as close to a ballad as I imagine Spinnerette is willing to get, but a syrupy love song it is not, that’s for sure. Assuming this EP is just a taste of things to come, I’m looking very forward to the long player.

mp3: Ghetto Love

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