I Don’t Care by Jonwayne

Alright, admittedly, this joint has been lit for a minute already, but, hey, fuck you, i’ve been busy.  The inbox has been full, and i somehow started going to concerts again without realizing i was going to.  With Willie Nelson at the 9:30 tonight, that’s three shows since last Tuesday.  Good thing i’m taking The Missus tonight or else i could be getting my ass into trouble for you people who fiend for my take on, well, pretty much everything in your life, i’m sure.  By the by, just wear the outfit.  Seriously, you can pull it off, and fuck her anyway for saying otherwise.  If anybody can pull off cowboy boots, parachute pants and a sombrero, it’s obviously you.  Where the hell were we?  Ah yes, somewhat overdue reviews on some gems that should not go overlooked.  Or under-listened, i suppose.

While you may not think of Jonwayne as a rapper, he is, and his I Don’t Care should put all questions to rest.  Culled from tracks dating back from 2009 up ’til today, the cowboy named rapper kicks it like his namesake kicked the shit out of cancer.  JDub spits rubber band rhymes–fluid-like strings that bounce back no matter how hard you snap them.  His choice of material to rhyme over is a nod towards his equally (some might say superior) skills as a beathead.  (i’ll talk about it more later, but the maestro’s The Death of Andrew, out on Alpha Pup, is a goddamn BEAST!)  The man has an ear that matches his vocal chords, and that’s the best combo i’ve heard since up up down down left right left right b a start.

mp3: Just a Minute (Jonwayne from I Don’t Care)

mp3: SBJW Boot #4 (Jonwayne from I Don’t Care)


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