IDLE008 by AnD

You know i normally steer clear of the dance floor spectrum of the beat genre, but every now and then, something so good crosses my path that i don’t really care what it’s intended purpose is—i simply need to share it with the masses.

Enter AnD, a Manchester duo on the increasingly impressive Idle Hands label who clearly don’t want anyone to find them on-line with a name like that.  These two make chilly, paranoid beats that wouldn’t be out of place at any rave i’ve ever attended, new school or old be damned.  i dunno.  Maybe you kids do different drugs at your fancy new school.  i wouldn’t know.  Nobody has invited me yet.  Fucking selfish bastards.

But i clearly digress.  On their new 12″, AnD beats it up, slapping de bass in the face like she had the nerve to ask them when they’d be home from the pub.  The percussion stalks like a jungle cat, darting hither and yon, which is quite nice, as no one ever bothers darting anywhere anymore, yet alone hither and yon.  These tracks are spooky good, kids.  Make sure to snag the wax when it hits mid-October.

 (Tracks removed by request, but you can stream here.  See how easy that was, folks?)

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