If Mother Nature Had A Face, I Would Punch Her in the Lady Parts

OK, I’ve only got a moment now and will get into a much bigger update eventually, but suffice to say, we’ve pretty much been damn near crippled by this freaking blizzard here at LET. Oh yeah, and there’s up to another 20 inches of snow en route as i type this. The first of the additional flurries are supposed to start falling momentarily, so here’s the Reader’s Digest version while i still have any juice left at all.

Since last Friday:

–Friday was my birthday. Yeah me. The highlight was driving through a blizzard to go to the Caps game. Went to the one on Sunday, too. While it was some of the finest hockey i’ve ever seen live and in person, a big Fuck You to whoever decided it was a good idea to entice crazies like myself to drive in the worst conditions humanly imaginable.

–Sold the condo last week, which means the Missus and i have been shacking up with the Ps while we wait to get into our new home. All four of us, plus a younger brother, his girlfriend and an aunt from out of town were snowed in, without electricity or running water for 32 hours and nine minutes, this past weekend. Who was counting? I was. Not the best of times.

–My brake line apparently froze solid sometime on Sunday night, so i had to get a tow truck to take ye olde Scion into the shop yesterday. Still waiting to hear how much that’s going to cost me.

And there’s plenty more stories to tell, but i’ve got some more Blizzard Prep, Take 2, to handle before we get into that.

If you happen to be in the snowline yourself, you have my condolences. Seriously, Jack Frost, if i ever meet you, we’re throwing down, bitch.

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