If You Wanted to Buy a Sam Cooke Abum, Where Would You Go?

Uber-obscure  “Under the Cherry Moon” references aside, are you ready for some “different” beats?  Here at Odd Bloggings, it’s all about new musical directions.  i think you’ll find today’s crop is just what the doctor ordered, assuming your doctor is a beat head. 

Reader >> recently dropped a nice note recommending i check out Boyscout Discovery.  Turns out >> knows exactly what the hell s/he is talking about.  Eschewing more traditional hip-hop standard samples, the Portland collective makes ample use of field recordings, left field beats and peculiar samples to create a sound collage.  Think beats in a James Brown-free universe.  The band appears to have two CDs out now, EP and LP.  Interestingly enough, the former actually has more tracks than the latter.  Oh, those daffy Portlanders.

mp3: por avion (Boyscout Discovery from EP)

mp3: future wife (Boyscout Discovery from LP)

My favorite thing about getting submissions from foreign sources is trying to decipher what the broken English pitches are trying to tell me.  Russian-based FUSELab just sent over a couple of beasts.  Not sure how much of this i’m supposed to be sharing, so if the links disappear sooner than later, assume that some translation issues were resolved.  First up is Wols, the Russian duo of Evgeny Shchukin and Alexander Tochilkin.  The two make deep space jams filled with all manner of pops and glitches to create a palette of beats not quite like what you might expect from some Rusky DJs.  Old school loops sit next to bleeding edge beats amidst a sea of synths, culminating in a interstellar groove.  Parisian labelmate, Powell, is no slouch, either.  Heavier still on the fuzz and post-dubstep vibe, this is another one for the head nodders.

mp3Geek Rudohop (Wols from Unframe)

mp3Densui (Powell from Densui EP)

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