IMABEATITUP by Drake Blackmon

How best to describe the beasts on Drake Blackmon’s IMABEATITUP…hmm.

Clearly, the most obvious reference point is a Good Times ass–sleek and muscular like Samantha the Human Pantha, big and bombastic as a Buffalo Butt and all around Dy-no-mite!  Resting comfortably in the airy realms between glitch, hip hop and crunk, Blackmon’s opus is not to be trifled with.  Even the less powerful grooves are capable of backbone breaking intensity (I’m looking at you, “Heavy Slaps”).  This is funk chopped up and reorganized through a madman’s blender, which is quite alright by me.  Occasional strings and vocals make appearances, but the true players here are the kick drums and robotic synths.  There’s an almost military appeal to the thing, but only if we’re talking about beats drafted into Uncle Jam’s army.  Good times, indeed.

mp3: Zapiens (Drake Blackmon from IMABEATITUP)

mp3Knots Buried (Drake Blackmon from IMABEATITUP)

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