In Defense of Courtney Love

Hole’s new album, Nobody’s Daughter, hit the shelves today. While i’ve only heard the lead single, “Skinny Little Bitch,” it seems obvious that the overall critical reaction has been far less than stellar. This, of course, led to an animated discussion amongst some of my ass headed friends (where do they find hats that fit?) over Court Court’s place in the annals of rock history, which in turn, led me here today to assert that Mama Love deserves a bit more love of her own, folks.

Sure, her life has turned from comedy to tragedy over the past several years, but do you remember Courtney back in her glory days in the early 90s? i’ll be the first to admit, back then, she was the Skank Princess of My Dreams (trust me, this was a good thing). For better or worse, she was the epitome of the hard rawking chick. OK, her personal life is now tabloid fodder, her tweets are exercises in insanity, and losing custody of her own daughter had to be hell on earth, but this is not the Courtney Love to remember. Live Through This and Celebrity Skin were money. The People vs. Larry Flynt was a great flick. Once upon a time, Courtney Love was the woman. Who’s to say she won’t be again?

By the by, she’s coming to town June 27. If i didn’t already have tickets to a different show that night, you could bet your ass i’d be there.

mp3: Dear Prudence (Beatles cover) (Courtney Love from her old website)

mp3: Violet (Hole from Live Through This)

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2 thoughts on “In Defense of Courtney Love

  1. i can only assume that your open ended comment about your june 27 plans is a cry for comments / attention … so i will ax … what show are you seeing that night … perhaps this is not public information … are we to the point of the story where you reveal your true identity ?

  2. For months on end i encourage you people to send me nude pictures of your ex-gfs, and an off-hand comment about having plans when Courtney Love is in town gets the response? There is no justice in this world, i tell you what.

    c.i.t., if you're my new stalker, you can find me at the DC Improv that night watching Jim Gaffigan. No coyness intended on my part. i didn't mention it by name because i didn't want to hurt either Courtney's or Jim's feelings, since the three of us are known to hang out and play Magic from time to time.*

    (* clearly not true)

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