In the Inbox: Robot Koch

While i’m always delighted to receive any and all submissions, to be completely honest, most of the stuff that hits the LET inbox is from artists i haven’t heard of prior to opening and reading said email. Which is all good, as one of the main reasons i personally do LET is to discover (and share) new music with the unwashed masses. Let those bathed motherfuckers find their own music, those showering bastards. To rely on an overused cliche, imagine my surprise when i actually heard from the PR team for an artist i truly dig when i opened ye olde inbox this morning. It was a tingling sensation, not unpleasant, that circled briefly ’round my nether regions, but i’m perhaps telling you too much right now.

Long story short, if it’s not too late already, Robot Koch, beat producer par excellence, has a new EP (12″ and casette, too) coming out May 7. Better yet, it’s just a sample of a new LP that’s supposed to drop this fall on Project: Mooncircle.

To say this shit is dope would be an understatement. With traces of dubstep, burbling bass lines and almost tribal vocals by his lady friend, Grace, i have been listening to what was shared non-stop since this morning. Hell, the sampler alone could be one of my favorite tracks thus far in the still relatively young year. The static between beats on this thing is phenomenal, for chrissakes. i can only imagine what kind of beast the full EP must be. We’re talking a two pounder here. Wow.

mp3: True Short Edit (Robot Koch from Listen To Them Fade)
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