Invisible Architect by 1000 Names

Could we fully and actually call it the holiday season without a lil’ sumfin’ sumfin’ from our good friends at Project: Mooncircle?  Probably.  They’re not really a holiday outfit or anything.  But let’s be honest with ourselves–even if we could, would we want to?

And now, for something completely multiple.  1000 names, the duo of Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes, just dropped the double LP, Invisible Architect.  Is post-post-apocalyptic a category?  Because that’s how their beat sound to me.  After the chaos and destruction of times past and the ensuing years of wasteland, 1000 Names grow the little green beats out of the dessicated landscape, kind of like Wall-E with two turntables and a synth.  In their own words: “It’s a mystery where the music comes from and why it sounds the way it does. We look for the answer in the garden of the invisible architect – and try just to be…”  Works for me.

mp3: Invisible Architect Mini-Mix by 1000 Names

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