It Is Rain In My Face – Distal Cues EP Review

If you were to ask me why i’m into beat music, my natural inclination is to go into how i dig the unique, exploratory nature of the music. In other words, i’m into the music because it typically doesn’t sound like anything else out there. Of course, there has to be something establishing the scene beyond a reliance on computers, loops, samples and the like, which is to say, the now exists a “tried and true, agreed upon” formula.

Beyond being one of the more interestingly named artists i’ve heard in a while, It Is Rain In My Face doesn’t break the mold on the Distal Cues EP. Basically, it’s well programmed drums over spacey keys with etheral vocals floating in and out of the mix. From a lesser artist, this is a recipie for disaster. After all, who wants to hear the same old, same old? Fortunately for us, IIRIMF is not a lesser artist. His grasp of what makes a groove work is obvious and immediate. Groundbreaking or not, these are thoroughly enjoyable and engaging beats. Slanting towards the sunnier side, these are headphone jams worthy of soundtracking a journey. In my case, it provided the ideal backdrop to a long drive. Sure, the copious reefer didn’t hurt, but does it ever?

mp3: 49er (It Is Rain In My Face from Distal Cues EP)

mp3: Vittles (It Is Rain In My Face from Distal Cues EP)

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