It’s Covered: Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women OR A Terrible Time for Birthdays

I’m keeping this one fairly short and sweet, as cakes and gifts await, children.

February 3-5 marks three birthdays in the Terrible household–my father’s, my brother’s and mine. You may recall a tribute i made to my bro, Cornbread, last year (he currently lives in Texas; they give each other those kinds of nicknames; don’t look at me).

Well, this year, i’m doing one for the three of us. As we grew up, it was not uncommon for someone to bust out a guitar aty whatever family gathering and start a sing-a-long. Was booze often involved, too? Couldn’t tell you, as i was just knee high to a grasshopper back then, but i think the fact that our favorite and preferred song was “Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women” kind of speaks for itself, no?

And with that, kids, It’s Covered.

Feel free to start a thread wishing me many happy returns of the day or, better yet, send drugs and nude pictures of your ex’s. It’s all about the giving, right?
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