It’s Covered: Gravity Rides Everything

Alright, i’m going to be upfront here and admit i can’t really think of much to talk about today. Usually, a song or theme or something hits my radar, and then these little posts have a way of writing themselves. Today, i got nuthin’. No such celestial muse found its way towards me so far today, meaning i guess i’m going to have to fake it.

So i’m driving home last night, and i asked The Missus if we had a bucket at home. She asked what size, and i replied, “You know, the regular size.” After a brief discussion detailing exactly how many and of what size buckets we had, The Missus queried as to why i needed a bucket in the first place. As chance would have it, i really felt like making a gravity bong last night. Don’t ask me why because i have no answer. The mood just struck me is all, i guess. Unfortunately, i never got around to it, which might explain why i find myself less than motivated today. You can’t build up that kind of excitement for yourself and then not deliver. That’s like starting to rub one out and then stopping because of an alleged finger cramp. Not cool.

Fortunately, however, while lamenting the lack of self-fulfillment on my part, i recalled that i had a couple of kick ass versions of “Gravity Rides Everything,” and here we are. The Mouse wrote the track for The Moon & Antarctica, though you may remember it from that Nissan Quest commercial. The cover is by Lenka, an Australian lass i know next to nothing about. Though she’s since released a single version, this particular track is from the Woodstock Sessions. (Not sure what they’re putting into the water Down Under, but between her and Sia, Australia seems to be cornering the world market on pixie-like lady singers with only one name.) Excellent versions, the both of them.

i have no idea what the hell is going on here, but i think it’s obvious this chick has done more than her fair share of gravity bongs.

And thus, it all comes back to footwear.

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